Welcome to my information site!

My name is Keno and I would like to give you a glimpse into my fascinating world of BMW radio modernization. As a certified automotive mechatronics technician currently pursuing a degree in electrical engineering, I combine my hands-on skills with technical knowledge to take classic BMW radios to the next level.

The inspiration for my project came in 2018, when I purchased my first BMW E36 and realized that the modern radio didn’t quite complement the authentic charm of the vehicle. After installing the original radio, I noticed a lack of modern Bluetooth functionality. This was the beginning of my journey into modification and customization.

Using my background as an automotive mechatronics technician, I successfully disassembled and modified the radio. By integrating a custom Bluetooth card and making other adjustments, I not only enabled wireless music streaming, but also facilitated intuitive control of the phone via the radio’s buttons.

With a deeper understanding of electronics, I wanted to take the radio to an even higher level. Integrating features such as displaying song titles on the original display was another step toward perfection. Positive feedback from friends and acquaintances motivated me to turn my hobby into a professional endeavor.

As a result of this passion, I developed my own radio board, starting with the “Reverse RDS” model. My goal is to offer unique solutions for different radio models. I am pleased to say that there is no comparable modification with the extensive feature set I present anywhere on the Internet.

I invite you to join me in bringing the symbiosis of tradition and modernity to your BMW. If you have any questions or are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards, Keno